Rebecca Robertson Loflin of “Duck Dynasty” fame spoke out this week to reveal that she has been the victim of anti-Asian racism in the past.

Rebecca revealed this while appearing on her adoptive parents Korie and Willie Robertson’s Facebook Watch series, “At Home with the Robertsons.”

Rebecca was 16 years-old when she came into the Robertson family as a foreign exchange student, and Korie said that they “fell in love with her from day one,” and she became their daughter. While appearing on the Facebook Watch series, Rebecca recalled a recent hurtful incident that happened when she was eating at a restaurant in town with her husband, John Reed Loflin, and their 2-year-old son, Zane Israel.

“Someone that we know came over, an acquaintance of John Reed’s, and he just came over and was like, ‘John Reed, you’re so lucky because your wife and kid are Chinese you can just send them to the grocery store to get toilet paper because everyone would just run away from them,'” she said. “That was the beginning of quarantine when we were all out of toilet paper or whatever. He thought that was like a funny joke, but it really wasn’t funny because, first of all, we’re not Chinese. Again, you know, I think it’s just people kind of being ignorant and they don’t think that’s racist.”

“Again, this guy is not my friend,” her husband added with a laugh.

Korie and Willie later discussed the spice in anti-Asian racism while speaking to cameras.

“I think it’s really sad that we’re experiencing a pandemic and there’s tough things going on in the world, but to add to that that people are blaming all Asian people on what’s going on in our world right now, that’s a hard thing for Asian people to have to carry,” Korie said.

Rebecca’s 23 year-old sister Sadie chimed in to say that her sister and brother Will, who’s half Black, have enlightened the family on things they have to go through just because of the color of their skin.

“It’s just crazy ’cause I only know y’all as my brother and sister and know nothing different,” Sadie said with a smile. “But it’s cool to get to know about things y’all have to go through and experience, so, always want y’all to know I’m here for y’all and your friends, and anybody that’s going through something like what y’all have had to face.”

Korie and Willie told Entertainment Tonight that they plan to delve into sensitive issues with this show.

“We’ve involved all of our family and we’ve talked about issues that are very personal to our family,” Korie said. “I don’t think we even knew we were going to go there that far. And then you get in this conversation and, yeah, there’s something really special about just sitting across the table from somebody and learning and hearing and being open.”

“I mean, our family’s like a melting pot. If you look at our Christmas card, it’s like a UN meeting,” Willie added. “Our son is Black and we have a daughter from Asia, so, yeah. We’ve had to talk about issues and bring in different cultures. … And I think for me, what’s been eye-opening is actually hearing the stories of the people and where that came from.”

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