Though previous reports had given royal fans some hope that Prince Harry was making some strides in mending his rift with his brother Prince William and father Prince Charles, sources are now speaking out to seemingly dash these hopes altogether.

Sources told Page Six that Harry will be leaving the United Kingdom this week to fly back to the United States after attending the funeral of Prince Philip without having had private, one-on-one discussions with his father and brother. This is because neither William nor Charles trust Harry enough to speak to him alone, according to these insiders.

The only discussion they had involved all three of them, and it took place at Frogmore Cottage, which is Harry’s home in the U.K. This was only described as a three-way “clear-the-air talk,” and Charles and William only agreed to the talk if there were witnesses to what was said, as they feared that what was said in a  private chat could later be twisted by Harry’s camp.

These fears may have been justified given what happened after William and Charles reached out to Harry last month following his and his wife Meghan Markle’s explosive tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. Afterwards, Gayle King reported that William and Charles had talked to Harry, but that she was told the conversation was “not productive.”

The insiders said that the talk that happened on Saturday did not mend any of the cracks that have formed in the relationship Harry has with his father and brother.

“They are being protective of one another — no one wants anything private being reported back to anyone. Nobody wants anything out there,” said one royal source. “And no one can pretend to know what was said on Saturday — it was just immediate family after the service.”

Another source said that it is “it’s still early days” and that “there’s a way to go” when it comes to healing this major rift within the British royal family.

“It was wonderful to see William and Harry talking, but it’s early days. There’s a way to go,” this source said. “It’s not just Charles and William who want to keep their rapprochement private — but Harry too. No one needs Gayle King reporting on private family matters.”

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