Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may soon find themselves completely “ditched” from the royal family under the excuse of a cost-cutting overhaul, according to a renowned royal biographer.

“Prince Charles has wanted for a very long time to cut the monarchy down to save costs and to make people be worth the money that they got from the taxpayer,” biographer Angela Levin told Britain’s TalkRadio. “I imagine that that might be when Harry and Meghan are ditched from being members of the Royal family.”

Levin, author of the book “Harry: A Biography of a Prince,” went on to say that Queen Elizabeth has previously resisted cutting back the “outer edge” of the monarchy “for sentimental reasons.” However, the Queen’s oldest son Prince Charles, Harry’s father, “wants to change and I think he will do that.”

Levin believes that the official royal family will be cut down to just Charles and wife Camilla, as well as Prince William and his family, wife Catherine and their kids George, Charlotte, and Louis. As for the other members of the royal family, they would be made to take on paid work to help support themselves while losing their titles and patronages.

Meghan and Harry stepped down as senior royals last year, and they have since moved across the world to California, where they have inked entertainment deals to create content for Netflix and Spotify. Last month, they shocked the world when they gave an explosive tell-all interview about the royal family with Oprah Winfrey. Afterwards, former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, the first black member of Parliament, told Vanity Fair  that the monarchy “as we know it will last as long as the queen is alive” because of Meghan’s claims of racism and mistreatment from within the royal family.

Abbott went on to say that after the Queen dies, “I think there will be a big public debate … and I think what the royal family and their advisers did with Meghan will be part of the argument for change.”

Abbott then predicted that a debate could even get to the parliament floor, with a “clamor to look at the current arrangement and maybe move to a more Scandinavian monarchy, where you don’t have all the pomp and ceremony.”

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