George Clooney is preparing to celebrate his 60th birthday next month, and after years of being a Hollywood playboy, a source is saying that he is finally “happy and blessed” in his “very solid marriage” to human rights attorney Amal Clooney.

“He doubted for so long that he’d get to meet that soulmate he always dreamed of … but when Amal came along, everything changed,” the insider told US Weekly. “It’s no exaggeration to say she swept him off his feet.”

Clooney married Amal in Italy in 2014, and they have gone on to become parents to twins who are now 3 years-old. Though they have a strong marriage now, things have not always been easy for them, but another source said they put “constant effort” into their relationship.

“Like any marriage, they’ve had their challenges and needed to adapt to certain situations and challenges,” this source said. “It’s taken compromise, establishing boundaries and a lot of patience to keep the relationship on track but they’ve done just that.”

Clooney and Amal typically are traveling a lot, as they have a home in Lake Como, Italy, but they’ve spent much of the past year stateside amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“[Being in Los Angeles] gave them the chance to hit the refresh button, spend time together as a family unit and play family without interruption,” the source continued. “George and Amal are very solid right now.”

As for raising their twins, Clooney and Amal “are pretty even about how they divide up the parenting responsibilities,” according to the source. When he’s not working, Clooney is always “doting on the twins” and enjoying his role “as a regular family guy more than anything.”

“He’s very devoted and loving,” the insider stated. “[He’s] always thinking of gestures to make them feel appreciated and reminding them that their mom’s the boss.”

While Clooney is “not totally close-minded about one more kid,” the source said it’s “unlikely” but not impossible that they will have another.“He’s happy with what he’s got and so is Amal,” the source explained. “But it’s a ‘never say never’ situation, basically.”

We’re so glad to see that Clooney is happy with his family life, and we’d like to wish him a happy early birthday!

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