The winner of the Mrs. Sri Lanka beauty pageant, which took place on Sunday night, is saying that she suffered head injuries after a brawl broke out onstage during her crowning.

The BBC reported that Pushpika De Silva won the “Mrs. Sri Lanka” title on live television on Sunday night. Seconds later, however, things took a shocking turn when the 2019 winner seized De Silva’s crown, claiming that she could not be awarded the title because she was divorced.

“There is a rule that prevents women who have already been married and are divorced, so I am taking steps to make the crown go to second place,” 2019 winner Caroline Jurie told the stunned audience as she attempted to strip De Silva of the crown. Jurie then ripped the crown off De Silva’s head and placed it on the runner-up. A visibly emotional De Silva then quickly moved off the state.

The prize has since been returned to De Silva after it was confirmed that she has never actually been divorced. Organizers have since apologized to De Silva after she clarified that while she is separated from her husband at this time, she is not divorced.

After the dramatic incident, De Silva took to Facebook to say that she had to go to the hospital after the pageant to be treated for head injuries. She added that she plans to take legal action for the “unreasonable and insulting” way she was treated.

“There are a lot of single mums like me today who are suffering in Sri Lanka,” De Silva told reporters. “This crown is dedicated to those women, those single mums who are suffering to raise their kids alone.”

Chandimal Jayasingh, the national director of Mrs Sri Lanka World, spoke out on Tuesday to promise that the crown would be returned to De Silva.

“We are disappointed,” he said. “It was a disgrace how Caroline Jurie behaved on the stage and the Mrs World organization has already begun an investigation on the matter.”

The police have questioned Jurie, who is also the current Mrs. World. This pageant is considered to be a major contest in Sri Lanka, as the prime minister’s wife was among the guests at the ceremony.

Check out the awkward moment for yourself below.

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