A jealous boyfriend allegedly decapitated a beauty queen in Russia after he became enraged by her success in pageants.

The U.K. Sun reported that the mutilated body of 33 year-old Olga Shlyamina, a mother of two, was found in a snow-covered forest in the city of Novodvinsk in Russia at the end of last month. She had just competed in and won a local beauty pageant, which enraged her possessive boyfriend, as he became jealous of her success. The boyfriend, identified to the public only as Vyacheslav, has since been arrested for her murder.

Olga had already had two failed marriages when she met Vyacheslav, who was kind to her at first. However, he started becoming increasingly jealous before he began beating her in rages. Olga’s pageant success only made his anger worse, as he believed she was using it as an excuse to flirt with other men.

Local media claimed that Olga and Vyacheslav argued often and that their relationship was “turbulent.” Just before her brutal murder, Vyacheslav reportedly accused Olga of flirting with a coworker. On the day of her death, Vyacheslav is said to have invited Olga on a walk in a remote forest where he brutally attacked her and beheaded her before burying her body in the snow.

Olga’s family had not heard from her since she left her home on March 20. They contacted police fearing that the worst happened, saying that she had been increasingly worried in the days leading up to the last time she was seen alive. Police launched an investigation and found her body five days after she disappeared.

Vyacheslav was arrested after Olga’s body was found, but he has since only admitted partial guilt. He claims to have hit Olga, which could have been what killed her, but has refused to give any further details to police.

Friends of Olga’s have said that she was looking for a way to get out of this relationship and that she longed for a life with a loving husband and her two children. She once wrote on social media, “Morning in a loving family is always good.”

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