Barack Obama may be a former president of the United States, but to his two daughters Malia, 22, and Sasha, 19, he’s just their dad who embarrasses them at times like any other parent does.

Over the past week, Obama gave his social media followers the chance to ask him questions about his Renegades: Born In The USA podcast with Bruce Springsteen. On Friday, the rapper Complex posted a video online showing Obama answering one of these questions, which was if there was one rap verse he can recite by heart.

While Obama has long said he is a rap fan, he may not be so good at rapping himself.

“First of all, Complex, you do not want to hear me rap,” he said with a laugh. “When I have tried to rap, my daughters have rolled their eyes, covered their ears. They think it’s painful. They even think my dancing is better than my rapping.”

Obama then talked about one rap song that he loves, which is “My 1st Song,” by JAY-Z, a tune he frequently on his iPod while he was running for president.

“It talks about the struggle of just trying to make it,” Obama explained. “And sometimes you have to resort to false bravado, and hustle, and tamping down your insecurities. And when I was running for president obviously, you know at that point, I didn’t know whether I was gonna make it. So somehow that inspired me.”

Obama went on to recite a line from the song that particularly resonates with him.

“There was a line in there, ‘Treat my first is my last and my last as my first, and my thirst is the same as when I came,'” he said. “And, I actually kept on listening to that song during the presidency because it was a reminder that even when you do make it, you know, having a little bit of that sense of still being hungry, still having to work hard, still having to prove something, that that’s what keeps propelling you forward. But, I’m still not gonna rap it.”

This comes after Michelle Obama, the former president’s wife, talked about what life in quarantine has been like for her family.

“We have our health and we are together as a family,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “And we’re not getting on each other’s nerves, so we count our blessings. We try to eat dinner together as a family every night. That’s a pretty important ritual, so we usually have dinner at about 6:30, that’s pretty regularly, and we have different kinds of foods.”

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