Oakland County Michigan deputies responded to two different 911 calls from local residents who said an erratic woman was banging on their door and claiming she was being chased by someone with guns, FOX NEWS reported.

The calls came in around 8:30am on Wednesday morning, April 7. By the time officers arrived at the residences, the woman had moved on. But another call from a local middle school also reported a frantic woman was on the premises.

When deputies finally caught up with the unidentified 37-year-old woman, they were shocked to hear her say she had a son. But they weren’t able to get any information out of the woman as to where the child was located.

The noticed the woman’s pants were covered burrs and stickers, so they determined she had recently been in the woods. They began to search the woods around the areas the 911 calls came from. Thirteen squad cars were dispatched as well as a K-9 unit.

Thankfully, the infant was located after a 30 minute search. He was alive, but found facedown and in a hypothermic state, deputies reported.

“Thankfully, deputies were able to determine a baby was missing, which triggered an immediate large response and search, and they were able locate the child,” Sheriff Michael Bouchard said in a statement. “Their quick work avoided what could have been an unspeakable tragedy.”

It’s unclear how long the baby was left unattended in the woods, but investigators suspect that drugs were involved in the mother’s behavior and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Only one picture was taken during the rescue, and it shows deputies tenderly caring for the child who was cold and whose clothes were soaking wet. According to sources, the deputies The child is currently in the care of child protective services after spending the night in the hospital for observation.


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