Sandy is a 73 year-old woman from Boston, Massachusetts who had grown to hate her boring hairstyle. That’s why she decided to make a change and travel all the way to the Minneapolis, Minnesota salon of “The Makeover Guy” himself, Christopher Hopkins!

Christopher specializes in giving women over the age of 45 a new lease on life with his epic makeovers, so Sandy knew that she would be in good hands with him.

”The whole mission is to uplift behavior through beauty,” Christopher said in the trailer video for his YouTube channel. “How you present yourself: how you speak, how you walk, how you talk, how you present yourself to the world.”

In the interview before her makeover, Sandy admitted that she is “feeling a little tired as I get older, so I just need a little oomph.”

She went on to explain that while her hair is actually quite long, she doesn’t like it anymore. As soon as he got to work, Christopher knew just what to do with Sandy, and by the time he was done with her, she looked decades younger than she did when she walked in!

Christopher cut her hair shorter and gave her blonde highlights, giving her a playful look that took years off how she looked. He then gave her a new makeup regime that made her look even more youthful as well.

Sandy could not believe her eyes when she saw her new look, and she could not help but confess that she loved it.

“I might have to hit some guy up. Anyone wanna go dancing?” Sandy exclaimed afterwards.

Social media users from around the globe agreed that this was one of Christopher’s best makeovers yet!

“Holy cow. Sign me up. Magic Man indeed!! Looks like her daughter!!” one user commented, with another adding, “More awesomeness! Thank you for making these women feel young and beautiful! Saving lives actually, that important.”

“She went from old to young . She became bright and beautiful,” wrote a third user. A fourth person wrote, “She morphed from her mother to her daughter!”

Check out this epic makeover for yourself below!

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