Victoria Glosson just received news that anyone who’s ever had cancer hopes to hear: that her latest scans revealed zero evidence that the horrific disease remained anywhere in her body.

The Oak Ridge, North Carolina native was in her third semester of nursing school when she received the devastating news that she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Undeterred by the tragic news, Glosson was not about to let her diagnosis interrupt her long-time goal of serving others through nursing. She immediately began receiving treatments to fight the cancer while simultaneously keeping up with her studies. Her dad, Sheriff Barry Glosson, has been a huge support and by her side through her year and a half long battle.

“I was determined to get through. I had to get Neulasta shots after chemotherapy to keep my white blood cell counts up. Those shots hurt, and it was like every bit of your bones were breaking,” she said. “At times, my dad would have to drive me to clinical. … I had to be strong so the patients I was taking care of didn’t see my pain.”

After her rigorous treatment plan, Victoria went back to her doctor for a PET scan and she was declared cancer free. As a Valentine’s Day gift to her dad, she wanted to surprise him with the news in a fun and creative way.

She decided to play the popular headphone game where one person plays music loudly through their earbuds or headphones, and try and guess the phrase the other person is saying. When her dad had his earbuds in, Glosson turned up the music and then said to her father, “I’m cancer free.”

Her father didn’t understand what she was saying, and after repeating the phrase a couple of times, he finally guessed her words, but the didn’t register right away. When he finally realized what his daughter was telling him, he began jumping up and down in joy, and ran to embrace his wife, Smita.

“I was overwhelmed with joy and very excited,” Barry Glosson told WORLD NEWS TONIGHT. “I saw my daughter go through the toughest battle of her life. … It was so scary to watch my daughter live this nightmare. The happiness in my heart is indescribable.”

Victoria has gone on to graduate from nursing school and is set to join her father as a first responder and a frontline worker against the coronavirus pandemic. Watch the heartwarming video below!

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