Yesterday, we reported that Prince Philip, 99, had been rushed to a hospital in London after he told doctors he was feeling ill. They reportedly decided that he should be hospitalized as a “precautionary” measure. Now, new updates on Philip are coming in.

Daily Mail reported that Philip has yet to be released from King Edward VII’s Hospital, and that he is preparing to spend his third day there. This may cause some to question if his condition is really as benign as Buckingham Palace would have us believe. The actual reason behind Philip’s hospitalization also has yet to be revealed.

Royal biographer Penny Junor said jokingly that doctors and nurses at the hospital “would not want” Philip on their shift since he gets “irritated” by people fussing over him.

“I think he (Prince Philip) can be quite blunt and I think if he felt people were fussing over him he could be quite outspoken about that,” Junor said. “This is a man who doesn’t want any fuss made of his 100th birthday, so the fact he’s in hospital and getting some fuss made of him will really irritate him.”

Royal sources said that the husband of Queen Elizabeth had been “sprightly” and was seen “in very good humor” before his admission. He is reportedly in “good spirits” and is staying in a private wing at the hospital, which he walked into unassisted on Tuesday.

Philip has the support of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who released a statement saying, “The Prime Minister sends his best wishes to the Duke of Edinburgh as he undergoes a few days of rest in hospital.”

Meanwhile, the 94 year-old Queen has been continuing her royal duties at Windsor Castle. Yesterday, she spoke on the phone with the First Sea Lord, Admiral Tony Radakin, about the work of the Royal Navy.

Philip and the Queen each received their coronavirus vaccines last month, which is something they went public about in the hopes of encouraging others to get the vaccine as well. Philip is preparing to celebrate his 100th birthday in June, and since he retired from royal duties in 2017, he has stayed busy. with reading, writing and painting.

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