The legendary horror author is preparing to give back to the world in a big way by donating $6,500 to an elementary school in his home state of Maine so that kids there can publish their own books.

CNN reported that King will be donating the money to Farwell Elementary School, which is located in Lewiston, so that the students in its Author Studies Program can publish the two books they’ve written. This was confirmed by the school’s principal, Amanda Winslow.

The students in this program have been working on the books for the past four years, and some of them have even graduated and moved on to middle school. Winslow explained that the kids spent years mapping out the plot, character development, and overall storyline before their efforts culminated in a 290-page manuscript that includes an original work and a sequel.

Thanks to King, the books will be published and available for purchase in the coming months.

“It was, like, mind-blowing,” seventh-grader Ella Leo told CNN affiliate WMTW, with tenth grade student Annora Johnson adding of King, “He is my favorite author and I love his work.”

“I’ve been in it for the last four years, and only the people in my school have ever gotten to read what I’ve written, and it’s really cool to think that (now) pretty much anyone can read anything you write,” said fifth-grader Hailey LaBrecque.

The books are partly based on the coronavirus pandemic, and the sequel has been reworked from G. R. Savage’s “Fletcher McKenzie and the Passage to Whole” so that it can be about the adventures a boy has had during COVID-19.

Winslow could not be more proud of what her students have accomplished.

“I think it’s hard for kids to really understand the lesson of perseverance and patience, but they’ve been working on this book … and they’re definitely starting to reap the rewards of their hard work,” she said.

Winslow added that through this program, the students have developed a real excitement about writing.

“The kids talk in the hallway about this, they talk to me about it, they talk to their teachers about what they’re doing,” she said, “and it’s really wonderful to see this much effort and support put behind their writing.”

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