Trisha Noble, an actress who appeared in two Star Wars movies, has died after a battle with mesothelioma. She was 76 years-old.

Daily Mail reported that Noble died on January 23, days before she was set to turn 77. She had spent the eighteen months prior to her death battling mesothelioma, which is a tumor caused by inhaled asbestos fibers.

Born in Australia, Noble rose to fame there as a pop singer in the 1960s, scoring several hits. She was best known internationally for appearing in 2002’s Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and 2005’s Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Noble portrayed Jobal Naberrie, the mother of Padmé Amidala, who was played by Natalie Portman. Noble’s scenes were actually cut from the Episode II movie, but they are included in the DVD extras of the film.

Noble came from a family that worked in the entertainment industry. Yahoo News reported that her father was Australian comedian Clarence ‘Buster’ Noble, and her mother was singer and dancer Helen De Paul.

This comes months after the death of David Prowse, who filled out Darth Vader’s tall frame in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Though James Earl Jones voiced the legendary space villain, it was Prowse who provided the 6-foot-7-inch frame that filled out Vader’s army as he went to battle with his son Luke Skywalker. Mark Hamill, who portrayed Skywalker in the movie, paid tribute to Prowse on social media.

“So sad to hear David Prowse has passed,” Hamill wrote on Twitter. “He was a kind man & much more than Darth Vader. Actor-Husband-Father-Member of the Order of the British Empire-3 time British Weightlifting Champion & Safety Icon the Green Cross Code Man. He loved his fans as much as they loved him.”

Prowse’s death was confirmed by his management company Bowington Management, which said that he died after a short illness.

“It’s with great regret and heart-wrenching sadness for us and million of fans around the world, to announce that our client DAVE PROWSE M.B.E. has passed away at the age of 85,” the company tweeted.

“May the force be with him, always!” his agent Thomas Bowington told BBC. “Though famous for playing many monsters – for myself, and all who knew Dave and worked with him, he was a hero in our lives.”

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