The legendary talk show host Larry King passed away last month at the age of 87 after battling COVID-19. Now, the contents of his will have been revealed, and his estranged wife Shawn King will likely not be happy about it.

The will, which was obtained by TMZ, called for King’s $50 million fortune to be split among his children. King jotted this will down by hand on a piece of paper on October 17, 2019, two months after filing for divorce from Shawn. This divorce never actually went through officially, however.

“This is my Last Will & Testament. It should replace all previous writings,” King wrote, adding that his fortune should be “divided equally among my children Andy, Chaia, Larry Jr., Chance & Cannon.”

Sadly, Andy and Chaia both died last summer, the former suddenly of a heart attack and the latter after a short battle with lung cancer.

Larry Jr., King’s oldest surviving son, has asked to be appointed administrator of the estate, pointing out that his father was in the middle of a divorce at the time of his death. The documents estimate that King’s estate is worth around $2 million, but there are likely separate assets held in separate trusts.

Immediately after King’s death, Shawn spoke out to say that she did not believe that they would actually officially get divorced.

“Larry and I, you know, we never finalized our divorce,” Shawn told Entertainment Tonight.. “In my heart, I didn’t think it was really going to happen and it never did. We were partners in every sense of the way, in business, and in, well, first in our family and then in business. But we’re a close family. You know, family is the most important thing, and God.”

Shawn and King got married in 1997, and though they both filed for divorce in 2010, they went on to reconcile and it never became official. He then filed for divorce again in August of 2019, and it was this divorce that was still pending at the time of his passing.

Shawn also talked about how difficult it was to watch King struggle with his health in his final years.

“His mind wasn’t right, and his body was going, and so that was hard to witness because Larry as we know him is the guy that goes, ‘Come on, let’s go, you’re late, get out of here,'” she said. “It’s always, ‘You’re late.”

In the end, Shawn feels that King is not really gone.

“I believe he’s still around us and I can feel him,” Shawn said. “I can very, very distinctly feel him around me and around us. I’m sure he is so happy at the coverage that his passing has gotten. … Larry was a little boy in so many ways. And he used to always, you probably have 30 different soundbites of him saying, ‘I pinch myself every day. I can’t believe this is my life.’ And he really, really did. So all of these beautiful tributes, you know, I’m sure he’s thrilled, and the family, we’re all just so happy and so proud of him for all the wonderful things that he did. He did a lot.”

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