The singer Lady Gaga is offering a $500,000 reward after her dog walker was shot four times and her dogs were stolen.

Gaga’s dog walker, 30 year-old Ryan Fischer, was shot with a semi-automatic handgun in Los Angeles on Thursday morning. The suspect reportedly got away with two of her three dogs named Koji and Gustavo.

“Our whole family is upset and praying Koji and Gustavo are not harmed,” Joe Germanotta, Gaga’s father, told Fox News. “Help us catch these creeps.”

“Horrible people in LA,” Germanotta added. “Shooting someone in order to steal dogs is wrong.”

Gaga has yet to speak out publicly about this situation, but a source told Entertainment Tonight that the singer “is beside herself about this situation. Ryan is not only her dog walker, but also her friend. She is horrified that this happened.”

Gaga’s third dog, Asia, managed to escape and was returned to the signer by police.

“Her dogs are her babies and she is completely devastated and sickened by this,” the source added. “She feels somewhat helpless because she is far away in Italy, but is doing everything she can and praying for Ryan, Koji and Gustavo.”

Fischer’s current status is reportedly unknown, but he was taken to the hospital in “critical condition.”

Dr. Fred Pescatore, a close friend of Fischer’s, said that he moved to Los Angeles four years ago specifically to become Gaga’s dog walker. He added that he’s sure that Fischer would have tried to protect Gaga’s dogs before being shot.

“[He was] incredibly close to them. Incredibly,” he said of Fischer’s bond with the dogs. “I mean, would do anything for them. It’s just heartbreaking and I know he must’ve been absolutely trying to protect them. … He would literally lay down his life for any one of our dogs and I certainly hope that that was not the case this time.”

Pescatore believes that the dognappers were specifically targeting Gaga.

“They’re stealing the dogs because they knew they were hers,” he said. “There’s… you don’t steal dogs, there’s plenty of Frenchies around. I mean… are they expensive? Yes. But, you know, you don’t steal a dog because you can resell them. I mean, they stole them because they knew it was hers.”

Pescatore described Fischer as someone who is extremely dedicated to his job.

“He was amazing at it,” he said. “He could get them to do anything he wanted. He would send you videos whenever you were away. He really took care of those dogs like they were his children and they were, I mean, he was unbelievable — kind, kind, gentle man. Very kind and gentle soul. He was actually really an artist and he was actually leaving. He was actually leaving the profession in just a few months. He was wrapping up his gig with Gaga and leaving to go and do his artist thing.”

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