Betty White is a 99 year-old Hollywood icon who is known for her wholesome image. That’s why it came as a huge surprise this week when actress Jennifer Love Hewitt revealed that she once got “super drunk” with the former “Golden Girls’ star.

While appearing on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” Hewitt opened up about her friendship with White, and she revealed that they got downright wild together one night.

“One of the only times that I’ve been, like, super drunk was with Betty in public and she veered off into a bush and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I am going to kill the national treasure Betty White,’” Hewitt, 41, recalled with a laugh. “[…] Then she loves to end her nights with you by eating gummy bears.”

“She’s everything you want her to be and more,” she added. “She’s the best and I just love her to pieces.”

Before she told this story, Hewitt revealed what some of White’s favorite things are.

“Pizza and vodka are her favorites,” Hewitt explained. “She also loves hot dogs and she cheats at Scrabble horribly, but she’s Betty White so you just let her win.”

Hewitt and White first became friends back in 2011, when they starred together in the Hallmark film The Lost Valentine, and they’ve clearly been pals ever since!

This comes one month after White celebrated her 99th birthday. At the time, her agent Jeff Witjas told Fox News that while White was excited to be celebrating her last birthday in the double digits, she will also be playing it safe because of COVID-19.

“Betty had planned to run a couple miles for her birthday but COVID has canceled this so she will remain safe in her home doing various activities,” Witjas said jokingly. On a serious note, he added that the star “loves her fans” and never takes anything from them for granted

As for her birthday wish, Witjas knew that she already had one picked out.

“That she remain as healthy as she is today for at least another year,” Witjas said.

White herself had a fun statement when asked about her big day, saying, “Since I am turning 99, I can stay up as late as I want without asking permission!”

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