Jane Seymour may be 69 years-old, but she’s still very much the sex symbol that she was when she began her over fifty years ago. In a new interview, the British-born former Bond girl opened up about what keeps her so young and vibrant, surprisingly chalking much of it up to being a grandmother.

“I swore I wasn’t going to be one of those people who can’t stop talking about her grandchildren,” Seymour told Closer Weekly. “But it’s amazing. You get suckered in the minute the first grandchild comes along. It almost seems more magical than when you had your own children!”

When asked what she specifically loves about being a grandmother, Seymour replied, “To see my own daughters being fantastic mothers and to be entrusted with these children is fantastic. It keeps me very active. And it’s lovely because I can tell them all about their moms and what they were like when they were little. Being alive and able to show them so much is magical.”

While many grandparents have been separated from their grandkids for much of the past year due to the pandemic, Seymour has been lucky enough to see hers often.

“They’re part of our bubble here in Malibu,” she explained. “They are either at their mother and father’s house or here. They have one day of school here every Friday. We also do a lot of gardening and artwork together.”

Her grandchildren are still quite young, but they’re already getting a kick of seeing their grandma act on the big screen.

“Usually, they want to know practical things, like how I jumped off a cliff,” Seymour said. “I tell them how we did it with stunt people and camera [angles]. They are very interested in all that. They love those kinds of stories.”

One thing that Seymour has tried to avoid, however, is offering parenting advice to her daughters unsolicited.

“I think that even if you think they’re wrong, you should zip it and wait until they find out themselves,” she said. “It’s important not to say ‘I told you so.’ It’s better to say, ‘Oh, really? We did it differently. Maybe you should try it like that.’ You have to do a lot of acting!”

In the end, Seymour firmly believes that her grandchildren are playing a huge role in keeping her youthful.

“I think playing with grandchildren keeps me young,” she said. They have endless energy and it’s so much fun!”

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