In the wild world of the music industry, it’s rare to find a marriage that is actually able to stand the test of time. That’s what makes the 52 year marriage of singer B.J. Thomas and his wife Gloria so special!

Thomas, a five-time Grammy Award-winner who is known for hits like “Hooked on a Feeling,” “Don’t Worry Baby” and “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head,” opened up about his marriage in a new interview with Closer Weekly.

“I met Gloria in a club,” Thomas said of the start of their relationship. “I saw this girl across the table and it turned out to be Gloria. [She was with] a friend of mine, who was a drummer. I went and found him and said, “Hey, man, I’m taking Gloria home.”

“When we got outside, she said, ‘If you change your mind, I’ll understand.’ I had no idea what she was talking about,” he added. “But when we walked out, it was [very bright]. Gloria had gone through a windshield and she had just had 400 stitches from her face removed. She had terrible scars, but I just fell so in love with her. We got married in ’68 and we’ve had 52 good years.”

When asked what the secret was behind his long marriage, Thomas got incredibly honest.

“We did separate a time or two,” he said. “I just got to be too much to live with, but we were still in love. I love her and because we are in love we never really gave up on each other. We knew that as soon as somebody said something sweet, we’d go right back. We just cherish each other. We’ve always had that, and it’s a great thing.”

Thomas and Gloria have three daughters, and these days, they’re loving being grandparents.

“I’m a grandfather of four. It’s great,” Thomas said. “Watching little people grow, change and become who they are going to be — when they are your grandchildren, a part of you, it has significance that really moves you.”

Thomas is also hoping to get back on the road, once the coronavirus pandemic is over.

“I hate to think that I will never get to do it again, but I am not taking anything for granted,” he said. “If it becomes possible, I’m going to be back out there. I talk to my band on a regular basis and we’re all in.”

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