If you’ve ever spent any time around hardcore weight lifters in the gym, you’ve probably heard the name ‘Larry Wheels.’ Wheels is one of the most famous, active bodybuilders in the world, and the American. His fame is largely due to his widespread social media presence where there is no shortage of pictures and videos documenting the man’s incredible strength.

The bodybuilder stands at 6’1 and weighs in at a whopping 245lbs and is no stranger to setting impressive weight lifting records. Some of those records include a 608 lb bench press, 810 lb squat, and 853 lb deadlift. With numbers like these, it’s safe to say the man is not weak. It would also be natural to assume he would be the champion in an arm wrestling match, especially since the athlete has posted several videos of himself competing and winning in such matches.

His winning streak came to a bitter end when he faced off against 154 lb Indian National Arm Wrestling champion Rahul Panicker. This month, the strong-man met up with Panicker in Dubai for a super match, captured here on video:

As can be seen, the match starts off solidly in Larry Wheels’ corner as he won the first two rounds, and he seemed pretty confident that ultimate victory was eminent. But despite the American’s significant size advantage, the svelte Indian from Karachi proved why you should never judge a book by it’s cover.

Rahul Panicker proved his champion title was duly earned, going on to take the next three rounds and ultimately the victory over the whole match, much to the surprise of the crowd of onlookers.

While not a bodybuilder, the software engineer is no stranger to the intricacies of the fitness world. His family set a high standard of athleticism for him to follow, with his own father being a former bodybuilder, even earning the title of Powerman of India, as noted by the HINDUSTAN TIMES.

“My father had installed a home gym equipment and made me exercise with it. Initially, like everyone else, I was lazy but he persisted and slowly I started liking it,” Panicker said.

Panicker started arm wrestling in high school, and has since gone to perfect his craft, winning six medals so far at the national level.

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