With all the chaos going on in the world today, it’s easy to forget that there are still good people in the world doing kind things for one another. That’s why it’s so great that a newly-surfaced video is going viral this week showing a complete stranger put her life on the line for a little girl after two armed men burst into a neighborhood store.

The incident occurred at a local beauty supply store that is located in Des Moines, Iowa and is owned by Mamie and David Ugwanyi. They were working a normal day with their children with them in the story when two gunmen suddenly burst in one afternoon.

The entire robbery was captured by surveillance cameras, and what the video revealed is nothing short of incredible.

In the video below, two men can be seen entering the store wearing face masks and hoods and holding guns. One of the armed men charges at a woman in the store, putting his gun to her head as he pushes her to the floor. For a moment, the man keeps his gun to her head while she stays right where he is.

Eventually, the gunman walks over the woman and goes about robbing the store. When the woman finally dared to look up, she saw a little girl crouching in the aisle next to her. This girl was Victoria, the terrified daughter of store owners Mamie and David.

The woman on the ground was undoubtedly in fear for her own life, but she still knew that she just had to do something to protect the little girl. Calling Victoria over to her, the woman proceeded to cover her with her own body, protecting her from any harm.

Finally, the men left the store, thankfully without hurting anyone. Mamie said afterwards that the entire ordeal was like “a bad dream.”

Mamie added that she could not actually see her children when the gunmen entered the store, so she had no idea what was happening to them.

“I saw, behind them, they had a gun in their hand,” Victoria said.

The little girl was terrified when she saw the gunman push the woman who would later save her to the ground. She said that minutes later, the woman told her, “‘Hey, come down here.’ Then she covered me.”

David and Mamie had never met the woman before, but they were grateful to her for saving their daughter.

“God bless her,” David said. “I thank her very well for, you know, giving my daughter courage and for protecting her from these wicked guys.”

Victoria also had a message for her rescuer, telling the woman, “Thanks for saving me.”

Check out the surveillance footage for yourself below.

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