During a recent podcast, Priscilla Presley opened up about starting to date the legendary rocker Elvis Presley when she was still just a normal teenager going to high school.

Priscilla was only 14 when she met Elvis in 1959, when he was 24. Despite this, the pair hit it off fast, although Elvis insisted on waiting until she was older to sleep together and get married.

“I was only 14, actually three months into 14 and visited him at his home in Bad Nauheim Goethestrase [Germany],” Priscilla told Seven Networks Sunday Night podcast. “Never expecting in my wildest dreams I would get a call to come to visit again. We connected right away. Unbeknownst to me, that first evening I didn’t know that, but I knew that he was singing songs and looking at me and trying to make me laugh because I was very, very shy. It was more yes or no answers. He was 24 years old.”

This was a crucial time of transition in Elvis’ career, and Priscilla helped him to navigate that.

“I was there for his 25th birthday and we celebrated his birthday just before he came back to the States,” she said. “That was in January. He was leaving in March with many, many fears of returning. I was kind of a sounding board for him. I was the person he let out so much of his fears, his loves, his concerns, his thoughts about returning to the states and being forgotten. He was riddled with all of that because he was away for almost two years.”

Elvis had quite a few late night habits that made going to high school at the time difficult for Priscilla, but she still managed to do it.

“He didn’t make it easy because we would go to the theater at night. Sometimes I laugh at that,” she recalled. “I look back and I go, ‘What was he thinking?’ I had to be up and  at school at eight o’clock in the morning. So we would go to the theater and watch a couple of movies. We would leave at 10:30 at night because it was after Johnny Carson’s monologue. And then sometimes we’d watch two or three movies. I’d be home maybe five o’clock in the morning and have to get up at seven to get ready for school and be back by one in the afternoon.”

Being a private person, Priscilla somehow managed to keep her high school life separate from Elvis.

“Obviously towards the end of school they knew who I was but I was very private and very respectful,” she said. “I look back now, I don’t know how I pulled it off. I really don’t. I never told anyone. Vernan [Presley] did take me to school a couple of times in a limo which I had asked that he didn’t do that. I asked him please not to because it would raise a lot of questions and it would put me on the spot, but I was really protective of Elvis even then.”

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