A father in Ohio went viral for sharing a photo of his face covered in makeup after getting his daughters a makeup kit for Christmas.

“Welp…my daughters got make up for Christmas,” Brad Cubbie wrote on Twitter.

“I thought it was going to be a little blush, but she was serious,” Cubbie said.

His photo inspired other girl dads to post their photos, too.

“The official Girl Dad rite of passage,” one dad wrote.

“To see how many people it’s reached and how many dads … it’s become a thread people really enjoy,” said Cubbie

“I have 6 daughters. Oldest 30 baby 19 months I have been there so many times I have sported more make up than Ru Paul,” another dad said on the thread.

Moms chimed in on the thread, too.

“This will be something your daughter will remember forever! Way to be a great dad!”

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