Michelle is a 49 year-old woman from Savannah, Georgia who found herself at a crossroads in life as she prepared to turn 50. She recently got a divorce, her children had grown up and left the nest to start their own lives, and she was easing back into her career.

Wanting to make a change and give herself more confidence, Michelle decided to travel to the Minneapolis, Minnesota salon of Christopher Hopkins, who is better known as “The Makeover Guy.” Christopher has become a social media sensation as someone who specializes in giving women over the age of 45 a new lease on life with incredible makeovers.

”The whole mission is to uplift behavior through beauty,” Christopher said in the trailer video for his YouTube channel. “How you present yourself: how you speak, how you walk, how you talk, how you present yourself to the world.”

That’s why Michelle knew she would be in good hands from the moment she walked into his salon!

Before her makeover, Michelle told Christopher, that this was “something I’ve always wanted to do, but this is just a good time in my life to do it.”

As soon as Christopher laid eyes on Michelle, he knew exactly what he wanted to do with her look. Much to her surprise, he decided to make her a stunning sandy blonde!

Michelle said afterwards that going blonde was the one thing that she thought she would absolutely not be doing, but she loved it once it was done. The new hair color and wavy style made her look decades younger than the 50 year-old that she was about to be!

“It really is an opportunity for just a new season, a fresh start – and maybe just a way to look at myself a little bit differently,” Michelle said once Christopher was done with her.

Social media users agreed that this was one of Christopher’s best makeovers yet!

“WOW Michele, not only did you slam that door, you locked it and threw that key away!” one user commented. “You were beautiful before but now your outside reflects your inside! Happy early birthday! Awesome, Christopher and team!”

Check out the incredible makeover for yourself below!

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