Known as the Sweetheart City, Loveland, Colorado is gearing up for it’s favorite time of year. For 75 years now, the Loveland Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Postal Service have partnered for the city’s annual Valentine’s re-mailing program, an event that has gained international recognition.

Anyone in the world can send a pre-addressed, pre-stamped card inside a 1st-class envelope to Loveland, where a team of volunteers will open each one and hand stamp it with a special stamp and poem before sending it on to it’s intended recipient. The program has gained immense popularity over the years, with the city receiving well over 100,000 cards annually, making it the largest re-mailing program of its kind.

Speaking to the GREELEY TRIBUNE, Mindy McCloughan, president of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce shared:

“Valentines get mailed to mothers from sons, from grandfathers to granddaughters and everyone in between. Famous athletes, celebrities and even the president have gotten a valentine stamped with our special message.”

This year is extra special in that the program is celebrating it’s diamond anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, the city has unveiled a special 2021 stamp, postmark, valentine’s card with a special verse which can be purchased locally or online, and details on the city’s annual festival celebrating it’s favorite holiday.

“This is a very special year for Loveland and this amazing program. So much has rocked the world recently, and we are honored to help spread love, joy and unity when people need it most,” McCloughan said.

Loveland’s 2021 Valentine postmark

The U.S. Postal Service unveiled their 2021 Love Stamp in the city to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of the program. Made available for purchase on January 14, the popular Love stamp series was first issued in 1973. This year’s design features a colorful and whimsical illustration by artist Bailey Sullivan.

The 2021 USPS Love stamp

To participate in the Valentine’s Day re-mailing program, send your pre-addressed, pre-stamped valentines enclosed in a larger 1st class envelope addressed to Postmaster— Attention Valentines, 446 E. 29th St., Loveland, CO, 80538-9998.

There are some deadlines to note, though. For cards being mailed to an international address, they must be received by the Loveland post office by February 1. Domestically mailed Valentines to any of the U.S. states will need to be received by February . 7.  Any valentines being sent within the state of Colorado must be received by February 10 for on-time delivery.

Cards received after these dates will still be stamped and mailed, but will not arrive to their intended destination before Valentine’s Day.

Loveland’s special 75th anniversary commemorative card can be purchased at

Loveland’s Valentine’s Day card design for 2021.
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