Fran Drescher, who is best known for starring on the sitcom “The Nanny,” has spoken out this week to say that she feels “peaceful being alone” for the first time in her life.

Drescher told Closer Weekly that she initially came up with the idea of “The Nanny” as a cross between The Sound of Music and “I Love Lucy.”

“It all started in my head,” Drescher explained. “There was also some good luck that came into play to realize the vision of it.”

“The Nanny” ran from 1993 until 1999, but it is still shown as reruns to this day.

“Millennials, who either weren’t alive yet or were small children, are watching it now,” said Drescher, 63. “They get the humor in a different way and are very drawn to the style and the costumes.”

When asked if she is dating anyone, Drescher replied, “COVID put a damper on that, so I put it on a back burner. I like my bubble small with the people that I know live mindfully. With strangers, you really don’t know that. I’m also not in a rush to get into another relationship because I’ve never been in such a satisfying relationship with myself as I am right now. I am using this opportunity to enjoy, without any pressure or stress, where I am in life.”

“I’m actually very happy and very connected to myself,” she added. “I always say I’m in a relationship with myself and it’s going quite well. Really, for the first time, I feel very peaceful being alone with myself. I practice Buddhist philosophy and I call myself a Bu-Jew.”

When told that she seems to have a positive attitude, Drescher said, “Well, you could waste a lot of time saying, ‘Why me? This wasn’t supposed to happen.’ You’re entitled to do a little kicking and screaming [when things go wrong], but you have to start asking yourself, “Why did the universe present this to me? How can I benefit from it, even though it is very painful? What do I need to do?” You have to keep in mind that growth is painful. That is why they call them growing pains. You have to grab ahold of yourself and figure out how to turn this lemon into lemonade.”

“Nobody leaves this planet unscathed,” she continued. “But what we do with it, how we work through it and what becomes of us as a result is what makes all the difference … Always count your blessings! I think it’s hard, especially for women, to put our own needs first. You know, I started out being strong for my career, and strong for others. And it’s taken me my life to become strong for me, to put myself into the equation of my life, to make my needs more important. So now, when I feel self-doubting or rejected, I’ll tell myself, ‘I love you, Fran. I know how special you are.’ It’s Fran and Fran until the end of time. Everybody else is just a player in the story.”

It’s nice to see a Hollywood star have such a positive attitude about life!

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