In the crazy world of Hollywood, it’s rare to find a marriage between two stars that is actually able to stand the test of time. That’s what makes the quarter of a century marriage of former “Cheers” star Ted Danson and Academy Award-winner Mary Steenburgen so fascinating to fans!

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Danson opened up about his marriage and gave fans some insight into how it has stood the test of time.

“I’m in love. We’re in love. That handles a lot. We make each other laugh. I admire her,” Danson explained. “If I could be a woman, I’d want to be her.”

Danson and Steenburgen met on the set of the movie Pontiac Moon in 1993, and they married two years later in 1995. The couple has been virtually inseparable in the decades since.

“We delight in each other,” Danson said of their marriage. “And we’re pretty disciplined about being celebratory of what we have.”

As a fellow actor, Steenburgen has been helping Danson run lines for his new sitcom “Mr. Mayor,” but he said that this has not always helped.

“You know, she’s the worst line runner for our show ’cause she has hysterics and laughs,” Danson said. “It takes forever for me to learn anything because she insists on doing all of Holly’s lines, you know, ’cause she thinks they’re so funny. So, she’s terrible at that.”

Danson stars on the show as a wealthy retired businessman who is elected mayor of Los Angeles, and must then navigate all of the politics and other complexities that come with the job. He stars on it alongside the Oscar-winner Holly Hunter, who plays his a political rival on the City Council who opposes Danson at every turn.

“Well, it is nothing but a delight to be a thorn in Ted’s side,” Hunter said of working with Danson. “It is endless fun and our scenes together always take very unexpected turns.”

Back in October, Steenburgen celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary with Danson with a touching Instagram post.

“Happy 25th Anniversary!” Steenburgen wrote. “This was SUPPOSED to be a sweet loving anniversary photo but you have a big piece of salad in your teeth. So there it is. Thank you for making me laugh today and every single one of the last 9,125 days. You are the goofiest, wisest, kindest, dreamboat in the world. True, that is a big ass piece of salad but even that doesn’t mar your legendary beauty.”


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