The coronavirus pandemic of the past year has brought much deserved attention to the everyday, unsung heroes of our society. First responders around the world are being celebrated for their tireless work and their daily walk into the “lion’s den” of the pandemic, sacrificing so much in order to keep us safe.

One celebrity couple has used their position and financial abilities to bless a much deserving nurse with a complete home makeover. Seattle resident Marc Seiller is an RN who has worked at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and has spent the last year working the night shift while treating COVID patients. This schedule has kept him away from his two daughters and his wife, Mona.

Marc and Mona Seiller in their upgraded home

Mona works as a Pilates instructor, and if the couple didn’t have enough on their plate managing work and managing their children’s education, the Seiller’s were hit hard by a flood that deemed their home unlivable. As a result, the family had to move to a hotel while repairs were being performed on their home. After moving back in June, the family struggled to find time and motivation to unpack and set up their home again from scratch.

That’s when superstar couple and Seattle residents Ciara and husband Russel Wilson stepped in to help. The pair have been longtime supporters of Seattle Children’s Hospital and wanted to show their appreciation for the workers helping to keep their community safe and healthy.

The R&B singer and her NFL quarterback husband partnered with Amazon Home and designer Sara Eizen to completely upgrade the Seiller’s home. When told of the incredible gift his family was to receive, Marc shared with GOOD HOUSEKEEPING:

“I’m humbled to be honored by Ciara and Amazon Home, and can’t wait to see the exciting transformation of our previously undone house into a new, tranquil sanctuary!”

No corner of the home was left untouched, with new floors being installed, fresh paint put on the walls, and updated furniture purchased for their abode. The updates took into account the Seiller’s personal style and worked to make the home reflect the the tranquility of the family’s “happy place” of the ocean.

Ciara said the makeover provided her and her husband with much personal fulfillment:

“It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of this process and give back to someone who has given our community so much.”

The Seiller’s home has truly become the one they’ve always dreamed of, providing a place of peace and comfort during the stressfulness of these trying days. We hope their new space provides many years of happy memory making for the family!


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