Christopher Hopkins, who is better known online as “The Makeover Guy,” is someone who specializes on giving women over the age of 45 a new lease on life by giving them life changing makeovers. That’s why Deb, a 64 year-old woman from Deluth, Minnesota, travelled all the way to his salon in Minneapolis to have him help her change her look.

When Deb first arrived at the salon, it was clear her confidence was low. She looked tired, as she had bags below her eyes and hollow cheek bones. Her hair was cut into a simple bob, and it did nothing to frame her face.

“I need a change… I want a change,” Deb said to the camera.

Luckily for Deb, Christopher knew exactly what to do with her. He ended up chopping off all of her hair, making her look decades younger than she did before. Christopher gave her a pixie cut and did her makeup in a way that accentuated her best features.

“It’s such a fun do’,” Deb said of her new hairstyle. “It’s really versatile, (so) I can have a different look every day.”

While Deb physically looks very different after the makeover, the most noticeable change is her confidence. She truly leaves the salon a different woman from the one that she was when she walked in.

“It’s an amazing feeling. I’m going to be 65 (but) I feel 30 on the inside now,” she said.

Social media users agreed that this was one of the best makeovers that Christopher had ever done!

“This has got to be one of the most amazing makeovers I’ve ever seen! What a HUGE difference! From plain to gorgeous!” one person commented, with another adding, “You can tell how much she loves her new hairdo by how she touches it. Beautiful lady! Well done (again).Christopher and team!”

“Gorgeous! I thought to myself ‘Wow, that new sweater they put on her really lights up her face.’ Then I saw it was the same sweater! ha!” a third user commented, with a fourth writing, “WOW! Probably one of the most successful makeovers I’ve seen in this channel.”

Check out Deb’s incredible makeover for yourself below!

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