A Florida woman is showing the world just how far she’ll go for love after she got a job as a dishwasher so that she could visit her husband, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, every day.

Mary Daniel would visit her husband Steve every day at the assisted living facility where he resides until they stopped allowing visitors back in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This forced Mary and Steve to be apart for an excruciating 114 days, and she said this took a serious toll on her 66 year-old husband. That’s why she jumped at the opportunity with no hesitation when she saw that the facility was offering a part-time dishwashing job.

“I told them, ‘I’m gonna be the best dishwasher you’ve ever had, because I want to be here, because I need to be with him,'” Mary told CNN.

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, Mary would get her husband ready for bed every night and would tuck him in after they watched some television together.

“That was our set routine and then all of a sudden I’m gone,” she explained. “And he doesn’t know why. He can’t understand why.”

While Mary tried to keep in touch with her husband through window visits and FaceTime, they didn’t work because Steven can no longer carry on conversations. As soon as she worked her first dishwashing shift, however, Steven recognized her immediately, even though she was wearing a mask.

“I walked into his room and he said my name, he said ‘Mary,’ which was also a relief,” she recounted. “So when he said, Mary, and gave me the biggest hug, I mean, we both cried.”

“He came up from behind me and put his arms around the front of me … which is an incredible feeling,” she added. “So, he knows who I am. There’s no question, he knows who I am even in a mask.”

While Mary said that she can understand why these strict rules were put in place, she also thinks there has to be a better way to go about doing this.

“It’s incredibly sad to see that these patients are significantly declining because they are isolated,” she said. “We are isolating these patients to save them, but the isolation is killing them.”

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