It’s been nearly four months since the legendary Simon Cowell was almost paralyzed in a horrific electric bike accident at his home in Malibu, California. Now, an update has finally come in to let fans know how he is doing as he continues to recover from a broken back.

After breaking his back in the accident, Cowell had to undergo a six hour surgery as well as various other procedures and fusions. The 61 year-old “America’s Got Talent” judge even had to get a metallic rod inserted into his back.

Sources tell Entertainment Tonight that despite all of this, Cowell is doing well and recovering through daily physical activity, including walking and swimming. He’s been enjoying getting to spend more time with his family, and has been using the downtime to work on ideas for his existing shows as well as on developing new shows.

Insiders said in October that Cowell was recovering “ahead of what was expected.”

“He’s doing over 10,000 steps a day as well as swimming to get his back strong and healed again. He no longer needs to wear a back brace all the time,” one source added.

Though Cowell has been forced to step away from “America’s Got Talent” for the time being as he recovers, his fellow judges have been supporting him.

“I love the guy, I miss the guy, and our hearts and minds are with him each and every moment,” said judge Howie Mandel.

A friend of Cowell’s told Daily Mail back in October that the accident was a wakeup call for the television personality, as it showed him that he is not “invincible.”

“He definitely no longer feels invincible and this has been a wake up for him about his health and lifestyle,” the friend said. “He was nearly paralyzed and feels lucky to be recovering at all.”

The accident has reportedly even changed Cowell’s views on marriage, as he is now allegedly considering proposing to his 43 year-old girlfriend Lauren Silverman.

“The fall was of life-changing seriousness. Some in his circle think it might even make him think again about making a commitment of marriage to Lauren. ‘Never say never,'” another source said.

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