Kalvin and Angelo Sanders have always been bigger than most of their friends. Labeled ‘big kids’ early on, their unhealthy relationship with food started in childhood, as they coped with an imprisoned father and a mother who worked tirelessly to support two quickly growing boys.

Speaking to the transformation web series BRAND NEW ME , Angelo shares “Growing up we were always the big kids,” says Angelo. “What made us get that big in the first place, I really think it was from our dad going to jail. We just ate whatever we wanted, eating eating eating, because we were filling a void that our dad was missing in our life.”

This constant eating equated to about 7,000 calories consumed on a daily basis for each boy. The twins went from ‘big kids’ to obese very quickly, and by high school they weighed a combined 675lbs.

While popular in high school and players on their school football team, they were still subjected to being made fun of about their weight on an almost daily basis. Most off these comments and ‘digs’ were made by fellow football players on their team.

It was while working for a landscaping company in the summer of 2016 that Kalvin began to think about how he would look if he lost some of the 325lbs he was carrying around. He started going to the gym consistently and turned his landscaping work into workouts, and by the time the school year started up again in August he had lost a whopping 50lbs.

Angelo, on the other hand, went the other direction and continued to gain weight. But after seeing his brother’s incredible results, as well as noticing the positive attention Kalvin was receiving from classmates, Angelo decided it was time to address his 350lb weight.

In November 2016 Angelo joined his brother at the gym for the first time and by December, the teen had dropped 50lbs. Encouraged by their results, the two became dedicated workout partners, motivating each other and holding each other accountable with their workouts and new eating habits.

By 2018, the boys had lost a combined 290lbs, with Kalvin weighing in at a svelte 185lbs, and Angelo dropping to a healthy and impressive 190lbs.

The high-energy, outgoing duo started a YouTube channel in 2018 to document their fitness journey and hopefully inspire other teens to take charge of their health.

“I think one reason why people love what we do is that we are so vulnerable with our loose skin,” says Angelo. “We show it off like nothing. We decided to go with the name ‘Vision Twins’ because it encompasses who we are. It’s not just about what you do, it’s about how you live life.”


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