“Little House On The Prairie” is known for being one of the most wholesome television shows of all time. Behind the scenes, however, it seems that there was some very steamy stuff going on!

Charlotte Stewart played school teacher Eva Beadle in the first four seasons of the show, and she recounted her time on the program in her memoir Little House in the Hollywood Hills: A Bad Girl’s Guide to Becoming Miss Beadle, Mary X, and Me. It was in this book that she described having an intimate relationship with one of her costars after he split up from his wife.

“Another of my favorite co-stars was Victor French, who played Mr. Edwards,” she wrote, referring to the actor who portrayed the burly mountain man. “A lot of fans never got to see past the bearded, backcountry, yee-haw charm of the character he played to know what a passionate and fine actor he was.”

During filming, French began to lean on Stewart as he dealt with the breakup of his marriage.

“He was dealing with the end of his marriage with his wife Julie, and was absolutely devastated by the divorce,” Stewart wrote. “Out of the blue, he called me one night at home. Poor guy, it was clear how torn up he was. I told him to come over. … We sat up for a long time drinking, talking about marriage, divorce, and life. And he ended up spending the night.”

The actress described this night as “the start of an occasional thing between us” in which he would invite her to go out and they would end up back at her place.

“Usually Victor would call and say he was having dinner with one of the producers, Kent McCray and his wife, and would I like to come along?” she remembered. “We’d go out, have a good time and he’d stay over.”

Despite enjoying French’s company, Stewart said she never considered getting serious with him romantically.

“It was never a romance,” Stewart explained. “I was never after him – I simply adored him. We had a lot of fun together – how could you not with Victor? Sometimes we’d lie in bed and joke about what fans would say if they found out that Miss Beadle was hooking up with Mr. Edwards.”

French passed away in 1989, but Stewart still respects him as a person and an actor to this day.

“He was also a private acting teacher with a great reputation,” she wrote. “More than anything though, he was a big, sweet, funny, lovable teddy bear of a guy.”

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