Delfina Booth may not remember filming the iconic “Baby’s First Christmas” Cheerios commercial back in 1999, as she was only nine months-old at the time, but millions of Americans have never forgotten the adorable ad. That’s why it’s come as such a welcome surprise to so many that Booth has reunited with the woman who played her grandma in the commercial for a new pandemic-themed version of it.

Cori Spruiell is a TikTok personality whose love for the original commercial caused her to contact parent brand General Mills to suggest that they make an updated version of it about loved ones who are separated amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think it’s one of those [commercials] that really lives in the public consciousness,” Spruiell, who was only about 8 years-old when the ad came out, told Yahoo Life. “Rewatching it, I was like, wait, this is actually incredibly poignant and it’s very relevant today — that theme of togetherness at the holidays no matter what.”

Booth, who is now a 21 year-old student at Georgia Tech, played an infant in the original ad celebrating her first Christmas with her adoring grandmother, played by actress Peggy Miley.

“Grandma wanted to be here for your first Christmas,” Miley’s character can be seen telling Booth’s. “She came a loooong way.”

The grandmother proceeds to use Cheerios as makeshift cities to show the infant where all of their various relatives are scattered across the United States, adding, “But no matter where Grandma lives, we’ll always be together for Christmas.”

The follow-up to the ad features Miley and Booth’s characters are connecting with one another on Christmas via video chat, as so many of us are this year amidst the coronavirus pandemic. In the new ad, Booth’s character finds a bow-topped box of Cheerios on her doorstep before calling up her grandma, who again assures her that “no matter where Grandma lives, we’ll always be together for Christmas.”

“Cheers to keeping traditions alive, wherever you are,” a narrator can then be heard saying.

“Family togetherness is at the heart of this 20-year-old, iconic Cheerios commercial and that’s something that isn’t going to be physically possible for many this holiday season,” Kathy Dixon, senior brand experience manager for Cheerios, said of creating the follow-up. “Many of our fans remember the grandma character and the baby from the original spot so, what better time than now to refresh the commercial, empathize with our audiences and capture today’s reality.”

Miley, who is still an actress, said that she was “absolutely delighted and surprised” to get the call from Cheerios. While Booth was also excited, she was scared, as she had not acted since she was 2 years-old.

“I don’t consider myself an actress now, so it was a little nerve-racking,” she admitted, though she said the crew quickly put her at ease. Booth added that she hopes the commercial will bring people “comfort of nostalgia” and remind them that “we’re not as isolated as we feel.”

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