Candace Cameron Bure of “Fuller House” fame is known for being one of the most wholesome and devoutly Christian actresses in Hollywood. That’s why it came as a surprise to many of her fans this week when she revealed that the secret behind her 24-year marriage to former professional hockey player Valeri Bure is “great sex.”

“Hey, it’s been 24 years, so if you’re still having good sex that is a plus!” Candace, 44, told Closer Weekly. “Keep learning things about your spouse.”

She went on to say that after two decades together, “it’s so easy” to “fall into patterns,” which is why she’s always trying to find new ways for them to bond.

“I also think that you should keep dating your spouse,” she added. “It can get monotonous at home.”

While this year has “obviously been different” amid the coronavirus pandemic, Candace said that she and her husband “used to” enjoy plenty of date nights. During the pandemic, they’ve kept these nights going with romantic evenings at home.

“We always have dinner or something once a week by ourselves,” she said. “Or we’ll go for a walk and just talk. Those things are important. You can’t let life get so busy that you don’t spend intentional time with your spouse.”

Aside from their relationship, Candace and Valeri also have their hands full with their three children: Natasha Bure, 22, Lev Bure, 20, and Maksim Bure, 18. Though Lev and Maksim are still in school, Candace said she’s proud that Natasha has “followed in [her] footsteps” by going into acting.

“[She] is an actress,” Candace gushed, explaining that she wants all of her children to follow their dreams. “I think all the parenting you do over the years is what builds them up to pursue what’s right for them individually. I always tell them to look at the talents God gave them and use it to find what they want to do in life.”

While COVID-19 has been difficult, Candace said she’s relieved to have all three of her kids home.

“I have so many friends and family members that I do worry about, [but] we’re doing really great,” she said. “I’m very thankful that I have my family. … we’ve just been enjoying time together — cooking meals and playing lots of board games and watching Netflix.”

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