Earlier this week, we reported that an investigation had been launched into Martin Bashir’s infamous 1995 interview with Princess Diana for the BBC’s “Panorama.” While Diana’s older son Prince William has spoken out publicly in support of the investigation, her younger son Prince Harry has yet to comment.

Now, however, sources are saying that Harry is “aware of everything” that is happening with this investigation.

“Harry is getting regular updates and is aware of everything that is happening,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “You do not need a public statement to imagine how he is feeling privately, people know how much his mother means to him. He has bravely spoken out in the past about loss and grief, and the immense impact it has had on him.”

“Sadly, some people are not just seeing this as a drive for truth, but also trying to use this as an opportunity to try to drive a wedge between the brothers,” the insider added.

This comes days after William spoke out in support of the investigation.

“The independent investigation is a step in the right direction,” William said. “It should help establish the truth behind the actions that led to the Panorama interview and subsequent decisions taken by those in the BBC at the time.”

During the interview, Diana was shockingly candid about her marriage to Prince Charles, who she was already separated from at the time. Diana famously told Bashir that “there were three of us in this marriage,” referring to Charles cheating on her with his now-wife Camilla Parker Bowles. She also admitted to cheating on Charles with army captain James Hewitt.

The interview was watched by 23 million people and led to the Queen demanding that Charles and Diana divorce immediately. Their divorce was finalized in 1996, and Diana was killed one year later in a car crash in Paris, France at the age of 36. The accident occurred after she had lost her royal protection officers due to her divorce.

“Well of course this is in part about protecting his mother’s legacy, so it is a very personal matter for William,” a source close to William said. “He has kept a close eye on what’s unfolded but believes things are moving in the right direction. The BBC has kept him informed appropriately. In the end, what he wants is the same as everyone else – for the truth to be unearthed and any appropriate action taken.”