Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been together for 37 years, a feat that is both impressive and rare in the wild world of Hollywood. This week, the couple opened up about the early days of their relationship, which began while they were filming the 1984 movie Swing Shift.

“When I met Goldie, I was at a time in my life where I was definitely gonna put my worst foot forward when it came to any kind of relationship,” Russell, 69, admitted, according to People Magazine. “I put my worst foot forward, and if you can handle that, then maybe there’s a chance of some reality there of us being together.”

Hawn, however, disagrees.

“I would say if you had done that with me, I wouldn’t be with you today,” the 74 year-old Academy Award-winner said with a laugh.

Russell insisted, explaining that he was “horribly hungover” the first time he met Hawn.

“That’s not a good foot forward,” he said, with Hawn then replying, “But you were fun.”

“Well, I didn’t try to put my best foot forward because it’s a hard thing to hold that up,” Russell continued. “Once you’ve done that, now you’ve established something and you’ve set a bar that you can’t stay with.”

Russell and Hawn also talked about the “secret” of their nearly forty year relationship.

“There’s no secret,” they each said, before Hawn added, “For me, anyway, and it’s that you both want to be together. I mean, you’ve got to want to be together.”

“You can actually survive a relationship in a way that when you get older you think, ‘I’m so glad I got through whatever period that was,'” she continued. “Because relationships go through periods, sometimes really hard times. But there’s nothing sweeter than having a family. That is worth everything.”

Hawn recently said that the secret to any successful relationship is “not about what you do, it’s how you do it.” Forgiveness is important to relationships as well, she added.

“You want to stay in your power, but you also want to be forgiving. And you want to understand and have compassion for the other person,” Hawn said. “If you cannot do that, then you’re not giving yourself a real fair chance at a long-term relationship. And that’s a lesson that we all have to learn.”