A royal expert is speaking out this week to say that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are “growing apart” from Queen Elizabeth because they “do things their own way whatever the cost, while the Firm refuses to bend the rules.”

Royal expert Katie Nicholl brought up the fact that Harry’s request to have a wreath laid out on his behalf at the London Cenotaph was denied by the royal family, saying that this served as more evidence of how strained their relationship has become.

“It highlights the great divide between Harry and the royal family,” Nicholl told OK! Magazine. “There is such a gaping cavern now and exercises like this only serve to widen that gap rather than heal the rift.”

“Harry and Meghan do things very differently to the royal family and to me it shows how determined they are to do things their own way whatever the cost,” she added.

Nicholls went on to say that Harry and Meghan’s decision to “personally recognize” Remembrance Day by having themselves photographed at a cemetery in Los Angeles could only harm his position in the monarchy moving forward. She explained that the royal family will never be willing to bend the rules for the couple, or for anyone else for that matter.

This comes after it was reported that Meghan has started to panic, as she has realized that she and Harry are “no longer the golden couple.”

“Meghan is well aware that she and Harry are no longer the golden couple,” a source said, according to The Telegraph. “Prince William and Kate can do no wrong now as far as the UK is concerned, whereas she and Harry are seen as a self-interested couple who quit the Royal Family to pursue their own interests.”

“Meghan hopes to turn things around and show people how committed to doing good she is, and for them to see a different, more positive side to her,” the insider added. “Whilst this isn’t crisis management as such, given her popularity ratings right now, it’s not far off. She’s taken on two ambitious, smart, career-driven women who have her best interests at heart.”