Last week, we reported that Phil Collins’ divorce had taken a nasty turn as his ex-wife Orianne Cevey had accused him of being impotent and of not bathing for a year. That’s why it’s come as a huge shock that friends of Collins, 69, and Cevey, 46, are now saying that the pair might actually reunite in the future.

“Orianne and Phil are the Liz and Dick of Miami,” one friend of theirs told Page Six, referring to the infamously tumultuous love affair between the Hollywood legends Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

“Orianne always protected him,” the friend added. “She took care of Phil when he was unwell. He has recently been a grouch, but he has been open about his health problems. His last tour was titled “Not dead yet” after all. The truth is they need each other, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up getting back together.”

Collins and Cevey, who are the parents of two sons, divorced in 2008, at which time she got a massive $45 million settlement. They would go on to reunite in 2016, but they split once again earlier this year after she secretly married 31 year-old Thomas Bates.

Last week, Cevey filed court papers in Miami, Florida in which she alleged that Collins began drinking heavily and popping pills back in 2017, adding that would often “fall down from the combination of prescription medicines and excessive alcohol.” She claimed that “on multiple occasions, he hit his head when he fell, and checked into hospitals under an alias,” and that he has “collapsed on stage when performing because he was so impaired he could not stand up.”

By 2019, Cevey alleged that Collins had “became increasingly depressed, withdrawn, abusive and following an operation on his back, increasingly addicted to antidepressants and painkillers.”

“He was incapable of having sex,” her court papers allege. “He stopped showering, brushing his teeth and dressing properly (in fact, he did not shower or brush his teeth from 2019 until August 2020 when he vacated)” their home.

Sources close to Collins have spoken out to say that Cevey’s claims are false, however,.

“The man has a serious neurological problem that requires him to take daily medication and this means he does fall sometimes on stage,” one friend of the singer said. “He’s currently in the U.K. in rehearsals with Genesis. If he was in that much of a state, he would not be able to function.”