Elizabeth Berkley is currently reprising her role of Jesse Spano in the revival of the iconic 1990s sitcom “Saved By The Bell.” In a new interview, Berkley revealed whether the controversial actor Dustin Diamond will be coming back at any point to reprise his character of Samuel “Screech” Powers.

“Hopefully there is a season 2,” Berkley told Entertainment Tonight. “I am one of a whole group of great producers, and Dustin, listen, I don’t know, we’re discussing, but I just don’t know yet. It depends on the storylines and how they play out and all of that, but I wish Dustin nothing but the best. I just haven’t seen him for a lot of years but I do wish him the best. He was always kind to me.”

Showrunner Tracey Wigfield also gave her thoughts on a potential cameo from Diamond.

“We definitely hear about Screech, like where there’s jokes about what he’s doing now, and there’s some Easter eggs about his life or whatever if you look closely in the show,” she said.

“But it was a hard thing this season,” Wigfield confessed. “It’s just 10 episodes, and in addition to trying to find places to use the original cast, it felt more organic because they’re already parents of the students. It’s like you really want to spend the majority of your time with these new characters and invest in them and really care about what happens to them. Because if you don’t, it’s a one-off.”

“They can’t miss a show that goes on for season after season, as a fan of the show,” she continued. “Sure, I’d love to see Screech and I would be open to it if there is another season. But he’s not making a cameo in this one.”

Berkley went on to talk about what it was like to suit up to play Jessie again after so many years.

“Literally, I wear a lot of suits now. It’s a wardrobe decision,” Berkley said. “Jessie has her PhD now. She’s a best-selling author of parenting books. And it’s quite comedic when you see her dynamic. Her overprotective nature and her nurturing with her own son on the show, which is played by Belmont Cameli.”

“But it felt so amazing, especially walking through the hallways of Bayside and seeing those red lockers. In life, it’s really special when you get to have a full circle moment and that was not lost on me,” she added. “To also be a producer on the show, as a woman now, to revisit something that was a big part of my childhood is, there’s a lot of reflection and a lot of sweet joy with this one.”

The revival of “Saved By The Bell” is set to premiere on November 25 on Peacock, with all 10 episodes dropping at once.