The brother of the late actress Carrie Fisher, who was best known for starring as Princess Leia in Star Wars, spoke out this week to reveal why he thinks becoming a mother saved his sister from dying young.

“When Carrie became a mother it grounded her very differently,” Todd Fisher said to Page Six. “Looking at Carrie, ‘she’s going to be a mother, holy mackerel what is that going to be?'”

“But what really happened … obviously Carrie was a unique mother, it’s what kept Carrie with us,” he added. “I think we would have lost Carrie long ago, long before if it hadn’t been for Billie.”

Carrie sadly died in December of 2016 of cardiac arrest at the age of 60. At the time, an autopsy found that she had cocaine and traces of heroin, other opiates, and MDMA in her system. Billie Lourd, Carrie’s daughter, said in a statement after her death that her mother “battled drug addiction and mental illness her entire life. She ultimately died of it.”

Todd went on to say that he thinks Carrie would have been an awesome grandmother to Billie’s son Kingston, who was born in September.

“Carrie would have continued that, she obsessed over Billie,” he explained. “She shared with Billie herself and I think that would have continued. I mean look what happened to my mom, she bought the house next door to Carrie to be close to Billie. Debbie (Reynolds) and Carrie weren’t even talking at the time. She would have bought the house next door so to speak.”

Todd talks more about his sister and their mother Debbie Reynolds, star of the legendary movie Singing in the Rain, in his memoir “My Girls.” Reynolds tragically passed away just one day after Carrie did.

Though it’s been four years since they died, Todd said that “they’re still very much part of me … and I feel compelled to take every opportunity to keep their legacy alive and things that they stood for. They were very outspoken and powerful women. There were very few women doing what they did especially Carrie outing herself for mental illness and drug use.”