Former President Barack Obama has spoken out this week to reveal that one of his wife Michelle’s main goals as First Lady was to never be photographed in a swimsuit.

“‘This is one of my main goals as first lady. I will not be photographed by the paparazzi in a bathing suit,'” Barack said that Michelle told him. “And she succeeded.”

Barack added to Vanity Fair that while Michelle “was serious” about this, she is actually “funnier” than he is most of the time.

“I have to say that, because she insists that she is,” he explained. “She’s naturally just a great storyteller. There’s a rule in our household that she can tease me but I cannot tease her. I pointed out that’s not fair, and she says, ‘Yeah. So what?’ I am often the brunt of her humor, and the girls have picked up on that.”

Though the former president is “the recipient of mockery and jokes” around his family, he said that he still manages to find joy in humor because it helps to “explain the world around us.”

“The human condition can be absurd, and if you learn to laugh about it, then that helps you get through pain and hardship and difficulty,” Barack said. “I am funny. I slayed at the Correspondents’ Dinner. The professional comics never wanted to follow me. Come on!”

He talks more about humor and his relationship with his wife in his new memoir “Promised Land.”

“A lot of the book is the story of our love and our partnership, and the sacrifices she made for the career path I chose,” Barack said. “And, needing to be honest about the fact that she really didn’t want me to be in politics, and it hurt her in a lot of ways.”

“I was helped by the fact that she wrote her book first, she had already put out some of that, so that it wasn’t so much me, you know, pulling back the curtain,” he added, referring to his wife’s 2018 memoir “Becoming.”

“She had already done that,” Barack said. “I was just giving my perspective in terms of how I felt about her distress around some of our decisions.”

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