Fans of the long-running reality show “Dancing With The Stars” were shocked and appalled over the summer, when longtime host Tom Bergeron was abruptly fired and replaced by supermodel Tyra Banks. In the weeks since the latest season of the ABC show premiered, Banks has made a series of mistakes that has led to fans begging producers to fire her and bring back Bergeron.

Now, Bergeron has broken his silence to reveal whether or not he’d ever consider returning to the show.

During the latest episode of “Dancing With The Stars,” which happened to be ’80s themed, social media influencer Jessica Madison became irate over Banks’ multiple outfit changes.

“I didn’t think it was possible for Tyra Banks to be any more irritating but then they went ahead and did 80’s night,” Madison tweeted. “It’s too much with the outfit changes and the strutting around. She trying too hard. I can’t. I miss Tom.”

She then begged Bergeron to return to the show that he’d hosted since it premiered back in 2005.

“@tombergeron PLEASE COME BACK! I’ll pay you $65!” Madison added.

Later on, Madison updated her followers to let them know that Bergeron had reached out to her to respond.

“Unfortunately, it’s not good news,” she said. “I don’t think he’s coming back. Freakin’ Tyra Banks!”

She went on to share screenshots of her exchange with Bergeron.

“Sixty Five Whole Bucks? Hmm,” Bergeron wrote to her.

Madison increased the offer to one hundred dollars, but this was still not enough for Bergeron.

“Ha! You’re too generous,” Bergeron said to her. “Unfortunately that train has left the station.”

This comes after Bergeron announced his firing to the world back in July.

“Just informed @DancingABC will be continuing without me,” he tweeted. “It’s been an incredible 15 year run and the most unexpected gift of my career.”

In an interview with Extra TV this past week, Bergeron revealed that he had embarked on a road trip across the country, and he is currently in New Hampshire. When asked why he chose to do a road trip right now, he replied, “Well, lately I’ve got more time on my hands.”

Though Bergeron said he was not watching this season of “Dancing With The Stars,” he added that he had no ill will towards the show.

“The past is the past,” he said. “I’m looking to the future in my antique car.”

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