Hoda Kotb, host of NBC’s the “Today” show, took to Instagram on Wednesday to thank the man who returned her lost phone in New York City in a truly adorable way.

The 56 year-old television anchor had just gotten home from the park with her children when she realized her phone was missing. Kotb understandably went into panic mode, as many of us would in this situation, but then something happened that showed her that there are still good people in the world.

“So today I was in the park with my kids.. when we got home I realized my cellphone was missing… I must have dropped it somewhere in Riverside Park!” Kotb wrote on Instagram. “My friend dialed my number hoping someone would see the phone and pick it up — and STAN LEVINE answered. He said ‘I found your phone in the park. I will wait here with it until you come back. You will recognize me because I am the guy with the walker.’ Thank you, Stan! Good people all around.”\

Kotb posted this alongside a video of her getting her phone back from Levine.

“Lost my phone and the greatest guy, Stan Levine, Stan, you just found it?” she asked the older man.

“Yeah, I found it on the side of the road. You must have been walking up this road,” he responded with a smile.

“I think I was. I love Stan Levine. Thank you, Stan!” Kotb said, before adding as she walked away, “Wow, nice guy.”

Earlier this week, Kotb talked about the possibility of expanding her family with her fiance, Joel Schiffman. She is already mother to daughters Haley and Hope, whom she adopted in 2017 and 2019 respectively, and she has been talking to Schiffman about adopting a third child together.

“You know what, Joel and I have had this conversation because — you feel like you get a limited of time on earth and your heart expands, and sometimes you don’t realize your heart’s ability to expand until you’ve filled [it] and sometimes you think you’re at the top, and then you realize that there’s more room,” Kotb told Entertainment Tonight. “And we wondered, you know, would our family be better with another child? Do we have enough love, do we have enough time, you know, will we be a better family unit? And the answer to all those questions seems to be ‘yes, we would be.'”

“But you can’t control how life works,” she adds. “Like, all we can do is put it into the universe and fill out papers and then wait and if it happens wow, you know, that was meant to be.”

Kotb added that whether or not they’ll get to adopt a third child is “in God’s hands.”

“But you know, it’s like with anything, sometimes things take years, some things never come to fruition, some things take a day, so you just wait and see,” she said. “I always feel like it’s, you know, it’s in God’s hands. It’s not in mine, so if it’s meant to be, we’re happy ’cause, you know, we have room and we have love. We’ll scoot right over, here’s some more room over here.”