Last week, we reported that Suzanne Somers was rushed to the hospital for spinal surgery after falling down the stairs with her husband of 43 years, Alan Hamel. Now, the 73 year-old former “Three’s Company” star is speaking out to shut down rumors that she and Hamel were having sex at the time of their fall.

“Alan and I had a terrible fall… I was waiting at the top of the stairs — that’s what happens when you are so in love with each other — I was waiting at the top of the stairs for Alan, the love of my life, and I’ve got a crutch, and he grabs my hand and missteps and he goes down,” Somers told Page Six. “Because we’re holding hands, that’s the problem with being in love with each other, I go on top of him.”

“I’ve had more fun being on top of him,” Somers added, showing that she has not lost her trademark sense of humor.

The actress went on to say that after the fall, “the pain was awful in my shoulder and neck.” Once doctors X-rayed her, “they rushed me into emergency surgery.”

Somers added that while she is doing well post-surgery, “I have a whole lot of hardware in me … it’s going to be a whole lot of fun going through airports.” Hamel, who was not injured in the fall, has been taking care of his wife as she recuperates.

“I have a dog collar … my new theme song is, ‘How Much Is That Doggie In The Window,’” Somers joked, referring to the neck brace she’ll be in for the next month. “I can’t turn my head… I have to keep it straight ahead. No joke.”

Despite the injury, Somers is maintaining a positive outlook.

“Every day it gets a little better … because Friday is my birthday, we’re going to celebrate with a big party Friday night,” she said. The party will take place at their home bar, Big Al’s, where Somers and Hamel do regular Facebook Live happy hours that they have paused since the accident.

“This will be my first tequila,” since the accident, Somers said, adding that it will also be, “the first time I’m going to reveal myself with the neck brace. I’ve not been wanting to be seen so far.”

Though sex had nothing to do with the injury itself, Somers plans to make it a staple of her recovery.

“It sounds kitsch, but I woke up yesterday morning thinking, ‘What is he doing?’ He never misses an opportunity!” Somers said of Hamel. However, she made sure to add, “I had fun. I must thank him 50 times a day. When someone is this selfless and this tender … If he wants sex two, three, ten times-a-day.”

Somers has long been open about her incredibly active sex life with Hamel, 84.

“I have a husband who I inject every Tuesday with testosterone and Wednesday’s a very good day,” she said earlier this year. “We have found a way. My girlfriends go, ‘You do not have sex twice a day.’ It’s no forced march.”

“I’m in the mood. He’s in the mood,” Somers continued. “Sometimes it’s once a day. Sometimes later in the day, you’re in the mood again because what are you going to do during this pandemic?”

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