In the crazy world of Hollywood, it’s rare to find a marriage that is able to stand the test of time. That’s what makes Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey’s relationship with his wife Camila Alves so special!

McConaughey said that when the Brazilian supermodel first came into his life back in 2006, he did not think he would find “the one.” He recently admitted that at the time, he had been “looking too hard” for a woman, and he had decided to take a step back.

“I was like, ‘Wait, just wait. Be yourself. She’ll come if she’s supposed to come. And if she doesn’t, that’s OK, you’re still a good man,” McConaughey, 50, told People magazine.

“That’s when she showed up, and she moved right to left in front of my eyes across the club,” he added about seeing Alves for the first time. “It was as if she was floating. And I did not say, ‘Who is that?’ I said, ‘What is that?’ And then I introduced myself.”

The Academy Award-winner said that he has never looked back since this first meeting with Alves.

“Since that evening I have not wanted to spend time with any other woman, definitely have not wanted to sleep with anyone else,” McConaughey explained. “I’ve not wanted to have children with anyone else other than her. We have a love that we never question.”

The couple married in 2012, and they have since had three children: Levi, 12, Vida, 10, and Livingston, 9.

“All three are very, very caring and kind individuals,” McConaughey said of their children. He added that he and Alves’ goal has been to raise their kids in as normal of a way as possible.

“We don’t want to insulate them overly from the world [or] from the success that I’ve had as ‘Matthew McConaughey, actor, celebrity,’” he said. “We let them know that papa’s celebrity does not define papa. Doesn’t whatsoever, but is papa a celebrity? Yes. At the same time, we say, ‘That’s not where our worth comes from.’”

“[We say,] ‘Our real merit comes from how we’re trying to be as people, how we are as parents, how we love you, how we love each other…” McConaughey added. ‘And mom and dad aren’t perfect at it, but we try to do our best.”