Kathie Lee Gifford may not be “actively” looking for love, but she knows that God may have other plans for her.

It’s been five years since the former talk show host’s husband Frank Gifford past away, and while she admits that she’s gone out “several times” in the past year, none of the men that she’s dated have been the one.

“I think I dated four different gentlemen and they’re all great guys but they’re not the guy for me,” the 67 year-old told Page Six. “ … If I fall in love again it will be because God just made it happen.”

Gifford has a new film out called “Then Came You,” which tells the story of a lonely widow who forms an unlikely friendship with an innkeeper in Scotland, who is played by her good friend Craig Ferguson. Gifford, who also wrote the script, describes the movie as “a romantic comedy for people who have given up on romance and don’t think anything’s funny anymore.”

She added that while the movie may seem autobiographical, she actually has very little in common with her character of Annabelle. In fact, the one thing that Gifford said she relates to her character on is the “dying of loneliness” she felt after Frank died.

Gifford explained that Annabelle is not “a woman of faith like I am.”

“I wanted to write really for the first time about people who don’t know yet that God loves them,” she said. “They’re really wonderful good people doing the best they can do on their own and I have so many friends like that and I love them, they’re dear.”

Though both of Gifford’s children, Cassidy and Cody, got married this year, she swears that she isn’t hinting at grandchildren yet

“I never thought I’d be married much less have children, much less have grandchildren,” she said. “When you let go of your own plan and let God direct your life it’s amazing, he does a much better job at it than we do!”

These days, Gifford is as busy as ever, which she believes is what’s keeping her so youthful.

“I feel 30 years old, truly,” she said, according to E! Online. “When somebody goes, ‘You’ve had too much work done.’ I take it as a compliment. I said, ‘Haven’t had any work. I’ve been working!'”