After five years together, the singers Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been dating for so long, that some fans assume they have already gotten married!

“Do you know how many people say my ‘husband’ about him? It’s so funny,” Stefani told Extra. “I guess [it’s] because we’re just together and, like, people got used to it or something like that.”‘

Stefani, who met Shelton in 2015 when they both were judges on “The Voice,” added that she thinks it’s “cute” when people think of her and Shelton as husband and wife.

“It’s pretty cute,” she said, going on to clarify, “he’s not [my husband].”

Stefani also said that she finds it especially funny when celebrities slip up and think that she and Shelton are married. This happened back in August, when the singer Dua Lipa made this mistake while filling in as guest host on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“So, I heard that you’ve been spending quarantine with your husband Blake Shelton at the ranch in Oklahoma,” Lipa asked Stefani. “Who else was with you? How was that?”

“Um, well … he’s not my husband,” Stefani replied. “But that sounded cool when you said it.”

Fans will be happy to hear Stefani speak so positively about Shelton, given the fact that reports have been circulating that they are going through a rough patch. Friends of Stefani, 51, said that they have been having “arguments” over “where to live and, especially, politics.” Stefani herself just revealed that Shelton, 44, recently “left to go back to Oklahoma.”

“[This] is the first time we’ve been apart in six months,” she added.

Stefani and her three young sons had spent months of quarantine amidst the coronavirus pandemic at Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma. She said that it was nice “to be able to pause for a minute and be there with the boys and be in Oklahoma [because] he really has a stunning ranch.”

While everything appears to have gone well during their time on the ranch, things reportedly went downhill when they all went back to Los Angeles, California. It was then that fights began over where they should live, as Shelton loves Oklahoma while Stefani loves Los Angeles.

“Gwen and Blake are totally different. A fish can fall in love with a bird, but where will they make a home?” a source close to Stefani said. “They are great when they are together alone but whenever they are around his friends or her friends, it never ends well.”

“One of the reasons these two are still not married after five years together is because they can’t even agree if they should get married in his beloved Oklahoma or her home of Los Angeles,” the insider added.