Fans of the television show “Dancing With The Stars” were shocked over the summer when Tom Bergeron, who had hosted the show since it premiered back in 2005, was fired and replaced by supermodel Tyra Banks. Now, former “Dancing With The Stars” contestant Karamo Brown of “Queer Eye” fame is speaking out to admit that he misses Bergeron on the show.

“Tyra is doing great. I love her. She’s an icon, but I miss Tom on there,” Brown told US Weekly. “Tyra is so fresh and new and whatever. She’s doing a really good job because there are a lot of moving parts.”

Brown went on to say that he relates to Banks because he’s hosted lots of shows over the years.

“I’ve been there,” he explained. “I know those moving parts. The other day when that whole flood happened, I was like, bless her soul, because she handled that very well. I’m sure she had somebody in her ear telling her something, something on the screen.”

Brown was referring to the episode earlier this month in which Banks botched an elimination and read out the wrong bottom two. While fans were quick to turn on her after this mistake, Banks tried to say that the mistake was not a huge deal.

“Every host messes up. It’s just normal. It’s live TV. If it wasn’t live, there would be no mess-ups. Even on ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ I would mess up and tell my editors to leave it in. That’s what makes things human and makes things live,” Banks said. “If I didn’t want to mess up, if I wanted to be perfect, I know how to do that.”

“There’s a very clear way as a host that you just read the words and you’re perfect and you know exactly how to do that. But when you’re relaxed and you keep it real, the mess-ups happen,” she added. “And the producer in me knows that even though somebody might be like, ‘Oh, my gosh, you’re messing up!’ it’s live, and it’s real. It’s better than being like a doll.”

Fans, however, were not as kind about the mistake.

“Maybe if Tyra didn’t talk so much she wouldn’t have to RUSH the elimination #DWTS,” one fan tweeted, with a another writing, “DWTS. Please bring back Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews. Tyra Banks sucks, no personality, all about her wardrobe! Downhill this season.”

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