Last week, the Hollywood actress Anne Heche was eliminated from “Dancing With The Stars” on the very same night that she opened up about her tumultuous relationship with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who she dated in the late 1990s. Now, Heche is speaking out to reveal if she’d ever be open to speaking to DeGeneres again.

“Ellen and I haven’t spoken in years!” Heche said, adding that she actually would be open to talking to DeGeneres sometime in the future.

“With relationships, I think many of us have [been there], you come to a fork in the road, ‘What do you want and what do I want?'” Heche told Entertainment Tonight. “Those goals, that intent in life, is determined by the individual. Her intent and my intent were different and that’s why we separated.”

“I was a part of a revolution that helped move equality forward. I would not have been able to do that if I had not fallen in love with Ellen,” she continued. “There is nothing more that I wear with a privilege in my life than being a person who has told the truth, and stands up for it. There is no timeline for truth. I live in love and that’s it.”

This comes after it was reported that Heche stormed off set following her elimination from “Dancing With The Stars.” The next day, she opened up about why being eliminated that night in particular hurt her so badly.

“The honest truth is that it took 20 years to process and share that story, so finally, telling it and being voted off on the same night was not the best feeling,” Heche told Page Six, referring to the story about her relationship with DeGeneres.

“It did feel good to tell my story to show that we have come a long way, and we see things with more acceptance now — even though we are not all the way there yet, it’s important to recognize how far we have come,” she added.

Heche also said that while many people in Hollywood turned their backs on her when her relationship with DeGeneres came to light, one person who didn’t was Harrison Ford. In fact, he went to bat for her to ensure that she would be cast as his costar in the movie Six Days Seven Nights.

“I would not have gotten that movie,” Heche recalled. “He called me the day after they said I wasn’t gonna get it, because I took Ellen to the [Volcano] premiere, and Harrison Ford, he was a hero. He said, ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn who you’re sleeping with. We’re gonna make the best romantic comedy there is and I’ll see ya on the set.'”

“He’s one of my heroes,” she continued. “He fought a battle for me and I would be on any desert island with him any day. He’s an extraordinary human being.”