On Wednesday night, Gwen Stefani won her first CMT Music Award, taking home the award for best Collaborative Video of the Year with her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, for their song “Nobody But You.” After their win, the couple opened up about what the award means to them, and about how the song brought them closer together.

“Where am I gonna put the award? Well, I actually just moved,” Stefani told Entertainment Tonight, adding that she’s “trying to get settled in.”

“I got to find a place in the house,” she added. “Of all the years, of all the awards I’ve had, I’ve never had them presented in my house and I feel like I’m in a place where I do want to see them and I want to show them off.”

“Well, you’re gonna love the CMT Awards because it’s a huge belt buckle,” Shelton said, chiming in. “It’s really cool.”

Shelton and Stefani, who recently moved into a $13 million home in Los Angeles, also talked about how much this song meant to them.

“We’ve been together now for five years, believe it or not. We’ve worked together and we’ve written together,” Shelton explained. “So at this point in our relationship, we’re always looking for what’s the next thing that we haven’t accomplished yet.”

“So ‘Nobody But You’ is literally like our two worlds colliding musically,” he added. “From a work standpoint, we knew we could work together on The Voice, and obviously that’s where we met, and now to be able to make music together and work together and go perform that stuff. That clearly has brought us closer together.”

Though Shelton and Stefani appear to be madly in love, fans should not expect them to go easy on each other while serving as judges on the nineteenth season of “The Voice” this fall.

“They don’t pay us to lose,” Shelton said, with Stefani adding, “Blake has won too many times. It’s time to share the throne with me. It’s time for me to win!”

Shelton and Stefani spent much of quarantine amidst the coronavirus pandemic at his ranch in Oklahoma along with her three young sons.